Very humble and caring woman!! Dedicated to her craft to help those and is just an all around incredible being! When you have a problem you can't quite figure out she gives the best advice ever. Highly recommended!!

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Spiritual Advisor

Before I scheduled a Detox session with Tanya, I was at a crossroad. Although, I was happy with my profession, I always felt that there was something missing. I knew there was something more to my life than just what I have been doing. She gave me CLARITY!! When I met Tanya, my first impression of her was that she was a caring, down-to-earth, happy go-lucky, intelligent person whom always speaks the truth. I love her attitude and how she did not use any gimmicks nor did she try to sell me anything. She was to the point about my life and my personality. I was so thankful that she spent a little extra time with me making sure I was happy with how the session turned out. I really was impressed with her ideas and the way she kept me thinking and speechless throughout the session with questions that continue to wow me. She's definitely someone that I will be honored to work with in improving my life from a career and business standpoint. I don't know what I would have done without her! If you want a honest and straight to the point type of person to work with for your business or career, she's the right person for you! Thank you Tanya for such an amazing session! You truly changed my life for the better!



Testimonials from real people with real destinies

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Working with Tanya is quite the experience. She has a gift of cutting through your me talk clutter and providing clarity you thought you'd never find. She is invested in your growth and success and will not allow you to quit. She is great at making things plain and breaking things down into small, actionable steps and I am grateful for our time together. I now have a blueprint for success based on my own passions and a plan follow it my own way, not the cookie cutter way everyone else is using and I couldn't be more excited!

Loreal Moss

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Tanya is a phenomenal coach, the clarity I have received from her is inexplicable. She is very talented not only as a coach and just keeps my motivation on a high even without saying anything at all. Learned so much from her. She is more like a blessing than luck. with her, you get real time results. Highly recommended!!

Shanta Regis

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Tanya devotes every essence of her time to nurturing and catering to any individuals needs. She straight up wants people to learn how to better occupy their time and finances towards achieving their entrepreneurial goals, and she wants you to LOVE the journey, and just be passionate about what you do. You can tell that just by speaking with her. Highly recommend her coaching and guidance. She has helped me so much and I would not be where I'm at today without her!

Shayne Storey